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Collaborative community in regards to the game. MSF (Militaires Sans Frontières) abbreviated as MSF and also known as Outer Heaven, was a private military company in the early 1970s founded and led by Big Boss. Because of their mercenary status, their questionable tactics on the battlefield, and their usage of an off-shore forwarding base in the middle of the Caribbean Sea during the mid-to-late 1970s, they were frequently referred to by their enemies as pirates.
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It's a RP Wiki but anything funny of stupid can be posted as well just not anything nasty. This was created by a sock and troll named BackWhyLock who also was Insane Black Star as well as Flames of Phoenix and many other users he is currently Niklaus Mikaelson I aka Ultimate Strategist L2 he is desperate for attention and doesn't consider people his friends he considers them pawns so don't even talk to him as he isn't really someone that deserves to be spoken to at all.