The Outer Heaven Community has made a couple of rules, that way chat is nameable and flows in order. The administration expects that ALL users are well aware of the rules, that way it prevents the chat room to be filled with drama.

Chat Enforcement:

  • First Offense - Warning
  • Second Offense - Kick
  • Third - Kick
  • Fourth -Kick
  • Fifth - Ban


  • 1. Do not Spam
  • 2. Do NOT cuss
  • 3. Under ANY circumstance disrespect a Admin
  • 4. Do not link other pms
  • 5. Keep the drama somewhere else, we don't want to here it.
  • 6. Be respectful to everyone
  • 7. Avoid fights
  • 8. No Profanity
  • 9. Get three edits before entering chat, it's important, that way we identify socks.